Sparrow, Lewisham

Sparrow is a restaurant in Lewisham that first caught my eye on Instagram. The food looked delicate, complex in flavour and the location interested me greatly. The venue is unassuming, basic, with an open kitchen area that is surprisingly quiet. I was surprised that a restaurant with seemingly good quality food would appear in the heart of Lewisham; an area that is always busy, with ever-growing apartment blocks, yet it has a high street that never seems to change.

The restaurant describes the menu as seasonal, and a sample menu is available on their website. I noticed a few repetitions from the sample menu and the menu I saw on the day I dined, which leads me to believe they have a few core dishes that may slightly alter depending on availability of ingredients.

On your first visit you will be advised that the menu is designed to be explored, and shared. They recommend that you order 2-3 dishes per person, we shared 4 dishes between 2 people. Here’s a look at the menu provided on the day.

Menu as of 8th August 2018
Cured Salmon, Lemon Fennel Dressing, without Creme Fraiche
Fresh Baked Olive Oil Focaccia
Fennel and Brown Shrimp Salad
Massaman Beef Cheek Curry, Scorched Rice

I enjoyed the salmon, with the side of focaccia. The lemon zest on the smoked salmon was a bold and delicious touch, am I used to dressing it with lemon juice and this is something I would try at home.

The fennel salad was light and tasty, I particularly liked the very small capers. Previously I have chopped capers to make them suit a dish I made, however I will look for these from now on.

The massaman curry was my favourite dish, it was actually the dish I planned to have before I knew it was a tasting menu. The beef cheeks were soft, light and extremely tender. The curry sauce was a medley of so many flavours, with crisp curry leaves, sweet small shallots, slices of gingers, lotus and lemongrass.

I’ve enjoyed a similar meal at The Sportsman in Seasalter, Cornerstone in Hackney and I’m delighted that this is on my doorstep.

Click here for the Sparrow website.

Menu and pricing as of August 2018. Images are my own. ✌ KF

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