Sour: Traditional vs Modern

I have been enjoying sour beer for a few years now and I’m starting to understand different types of brewing and tastes.

The traditional Belgian sours are aged and fermented over months or years, where as newer souring techniques have been developed around the world for a quicker process to develop the sour taste.

I did a comparison of a traditional and modern sour:

Name: Geuze Boon, Lembeek, Belgium

Brewery: Brouwerij F. Boon

Type: Lambic – Gueuze

ABV: 7%

Name: Too Much Excitement

Brewery: Double Barrelled X Elusive Brewing, Yuzu Sour Pale Ale, Reading, England

Type: Wild Ale

ABV: 4.4%

I really like the modern “fast” sour beers, but the Lambic wins hands down with a complex depth of flavours and a tasty sour riddled throughout. The Yuzu SPA didn’t do much for me, I don’t like sour beers with too much of a *beer* flavour.

✌🏻 KF

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